Benefits of Yoga

There are so many benefits from practicing yoga, it’s hard to list them all! Helps flexibility, builds strength, tones muscles, massages organs, lubricates joints, boosts ability to focus, stimulates para-sympethetic nervous system, relieves stress, aids digestion, burns fat, improves posture, enhances sleep quality, and brings a feeling of peace, contentment and connectedness with the world.

What to expect in this class

Yoga is for every body!

This beginner friendly class introduces the fundamental principles of yoga in a fun, encouraging manner. Together we learn how to combine the breath with a series of poses into a flowing sequence. You are introduced to the postures with clear verbal direction and demonstrations, with modifications offered to suit everyone’s strength and flexibility. We emphasise student understanding, safety and stability with each pose, and learn how to destress and energise using just our own body weight. If you’ve never tried yoga before, or want a deeper understanding of poses, this is the class for you. Get fitter, happier, bendier with us.

Your Teacher

Jodie has been practising and teaching yoga all over the world, as well as founding the 5* yoga retreat “To the Sea Retreat”. Teaching is in her blood, as her mother is a yoga teacher too. Jodie’s personality shines through in her classes, and allows you a deeper understanding of how your body and mind connect. With her guidance you will find yourself in poses you never thought possible, and smiling well after class finishes. You will love Jodie’s genuine delight in helping you with your yoga practice.

Class schedule & Costs

Every Wednesday at 19:30

€15 per class or €120 for a 10 week course


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