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Join us this September 30th for our first ever Nutrition Workshop in Munich...

You’ve all probably heard a million times that nutrition is half the battle with getting in shape and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Many of our clients have shown interest in learning more about how to maintain a balanced diet, understanding calories and macro nutrient intake (carbs, protein & fats) over the last couple of years and as a result we have decided to deliver a dedicated and in depth half day workshop on Nutrition.

We will be bringing in health nutrition expert Monika Bock to teach you all about the following:

  • Benefits and structure of clean eating: 1 hr 45 min

  • Sugar - The good, bad and why: 1 hr45 min

The workshop will take place at the Evolve Fitness studio and will run from 9am-1pm on Saturday September 30th 2017.

Price per person is €179 and additional 1:1 nutrition consultations will be available with Monika following this.

What you will walk away with:

1) How to plan and structure your meals so they provide satiety and well-being

2) Understanding macro nutrients (carbs, protein & fats) and micro nutrients (vitamins & minerals) and finding the right balance

3) Learning the benefits of consuming clean foods

4) How ending your relationship with sugars can provide your body with MORE energy

5) Easy recipes to include in your weekly meal plan that pack a nutrient punch

6) Setting attainable and achievable health goals


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