I have been training at Evolve fitness for six months now and my experience has been nothing but positive! The facilities are very modern, clean and professional and it is ideally locate near the Goethteplatz U-Bahn station. I had never tried personal training before but the experience has been extremely rewarding, challenging and most importantly enjoyable from the start! The owner (Simon) is a great trainer and is very knowledgable but makes sure the sessions are not too intensive and focus on fun as well. The classes are challenging, fun and varied! I have seen great results here and really enjoy the personal aspect of Evolve fitness!
— Claire Aherne- Buyer/Planner Pharmaceutical Industry
I can totally recommend Evolve Fitness for personal training in Munich. Simon is the trainer, from Ireland and has a great studio with flexible times to train in central Munich. Pretty sure he does fitness classes / circuit training as well... I found it way better than going to the gym and noticed results within a few weeks.
— Shane McAvinchey- Pro dancer & Producer
Im a big fan of Evolve and can highly recommend them. I’ve been to a lot of globo gyms around the city without much luck. Evolve is in a great location and the trainers are really cool. Simon and Barry have open scheduling for personal training, which I love since my days are unpredictable, plus they run circuit groups if you’re looking for a more social atmosphere.
— Julianne Lenehan- Teacher
I have been training with Simon at Evolve Fitness for about a year now and can highly recommend him. I’ve tried out several other trainers in Munich too, but settled with Simon as he knows what’s he talking about and is a good laugh too.
— Phil Neeve- Finance Professional