Box-Fit with tony!


Weekly Box-Fit class every Friday at 18:00

Join our box-fit class and get in fighting shape with legit boxing techniques used for competitive fight training mixed with boxing based cardio exercises.

Perfect for someone looking to start boxing while focusing on their fitness. The sessions will involve learning basic technique, pad work, shadow boxing and bag work.

Build confidence, lose weight, tone up and clear your head with these motivational and fun classes!

“2 Sleeps Tony'“

“2 Sleeps Tony'“

  • Burn a high amount of calories in our 60 minute class

  • Learn how to defend yourself with basic boxing skills

  • Full body workout 

  • Meet fellow English speakers and expats

  • Small Groups of maximum 10 people

  • €150 for 10 classes 

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Boxing 1:1 Training

  • Go 1:1 for a personal training session with our boxing coach Tony

  • Improve technique, co-ordination and power

  • tailored coaching and sparing sessions

  • 45 and 60 minute sessions available 

  • Email for more info